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Forum Code of Conduct
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These Forums are meant to be a communication tool for all users. Users need to abide by these rules or risk removal from them altogether:

  1. All posts must relate to MACO, MCRA, or MACATFO-related business.
  2. The use of profanity or any disparaging remarks of any kind is strictly prohibited.

If you are new to forums and how they operate, we have included a list of standard etiquette guidelines below. 

Courtesy Guidelines

  • Always remember that you are interacting with people. Please be mindful of what you post and never post anything you wouldn’t say to someone directly. Never use the list for personal attacks or profanity. If you wouldn’t say it in a crowded room for all to hear, do not post it the list.
  • Write only public messages. The forums are public to all members. Personal comments or criticisms should be sent directly to the person and not the entire list.
  • Sign postings with your brief contact information, so someone can reply directly to you.

Content Guidelines

  • Stick to the purpose of the forum. The more topic-specific the contributions are, the more useful the list is for everyone.
  • Make the subject line descriptive. If the subject changes, be sure to change the topic in the subject line.
  • Do not post chain letters, spam, flames (abusive messages about another person) or solicitations.

Format Guidelines

  • The less formatting used in your post, the better.
  • Always proofread and edit your posts before sending. If there are errors after sending, they may be edited afterwards.

Any questions regarding the forums may be sent to Sue Yoemans at the MACO office at

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