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MACO Website Committee Minutes - 2016-2-2
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Download February 2 Minutes

Committee Members Present:
  • Susan Yoemans
  • Kristine Basilici
  • Jody Moran
  • Mary Fisher
  • Pam LeBlanc
  • Doug Hansen
  • Mark Chapin, Hennepin County
  • Francie Warren, Wabasha County
  • Denise Anderson, Wabasha County

  • Agenda approved
  • Minutes (October 9, 2015) approved
  • Review Action Items:
    • Recorder Totals
      • Committee approved reminder to be sent out quarterly after 2015 closes (Kris)
      • Committee set March 31, 2016 as end date for 2015 data
      • Committee asked that Ewald (Jessica) set up a way for approved county staff to sign up for quarterly reminders - suggested that Ewald send out a “please sign up” email to current members asking them to assign approved staff and send in names, approval and email
    • Forum Subcommittee
      • Presentation of Forum (Sue)
      • Time zone shows up as eastern time – cannot change this so forum will always be one hour off
      • Promote Forum and then Train – Ewald will be sending out emails with information and Doug H. will work on a U-tube how to be posted to the website
      • Moderators will need to be notified of postings
      • Video link will need to be a hyperlink
      • Will access reference materials from the forums section (Doug H. will create a u-tube “how to” for this)
    • Conference and Reference Materials
      • Current conference materials will be posted under conference materials under
      • Once materials are not current they may be moved to the reference section, under the proper group, upon request or upon review by the web committee
      • Reference materials not presented at conference – need a request to the web committee or the Ewald (Sue) for posting under proper group.
    • Mobile Status
      • Interns working on the conversion – needs to shrink page to phone size Prints are strange: some things are there for some and not for others Hoping for completion by March 1st
    • Website Reorganization Subcommittee
      • Tabs were revamped and reorganized to create consistency across associations
      • Presidents of each association updated “roles and responsibilities” section – each year presidents will be asked to update this section
      • Sue Anderson is working on updating the vitals section
      • Education and Events calendar will show upcoming events and forums Everyone can add an event using the “add an event” tab. Events can include training opportunities for members, meetings, etc. and can include pdfs and links
      • 24 hour timeframe from request to event posting
      • Links and Resources – Archived Resources – not current information but information that may still have value to the members
      • Mary is working on updates for the elections section (A/T)
      • Sue will send out a doodle request for website committee meeting sometime in April 2016 – Doug Hansen will highlight his u-tube “how to” videos
      • Adjourned

Download October 8 Minutes

  • Review Mission Statement:
    • The MACO Web Site is designed for the benefit of its membership to promote Communication; Education and Information on the latest technology advancements; while serving as a resource for business associates and the public.
    • No changes were made to the mission statement.
  • Schedule MACO Website committee to meet during the MACO conference on Tuesday (Committee Day). Joe Flannigan will work with Jacquie to make sure this is on the schedule.
  • Presidents of MACO, MCRA and MACATFO should be sending out notifications to the MACO website for posting their meeting dates and times.
  • All Committee chairs should be sending out notifications to the MACO website for posting of their meeting dates and times.
  • Send out a quarterly instructional/informational reminder to all MACO members regarding how to use the website.
  • Members only sign in – Joe Flannigan will create a form for authorization of staff to join the member’s only section, which will include authorization from the proper MACO supervisor. This form will then be presented to the MACO board for their approval.
  • Vitals Committee – Still need names to be submitted to Joe Flannigan for the Local Registrars List Serv
  • Joe Flannigan will create a section for the MACO web site committee for access to committee agendas, minutes, forms and mission statement.
  • Include the ERERC Link (Legislative Coordinating Commission) under the "For Members” section on the first page of the website.
  • There are no "FORMS” on the Auditor/Treasurer’s flyout. Need to insert a placeholder that says "Under Construction”.
  • Auditor/Treasurer – Need a link to every county in the drop down for payment of taxes Mary will coordinate this effort and send the appropriate links to Joe Flannigan.
  • Need the press release for Auditor/Treasurer, Treasurer and Recorder of the Year from the Presidents of the Associations.
  • Mary will work with Cindy to update the Auditor/Treasurer’s Section

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